People have many reasons to study Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Self-defense, competition, and weight loss are among those reasons. BJJ schools also provide a team atmosphere lacking in other martial arts. The camaraderie draws from how participants rely on one another to improve.

Since Brazilian jiu-jitsu involves “rolling,” also known as grappling-only sparring, participants work together to help each other improve. Improving skills via continual practice and teamwork leads to growth and an increase in one’s confidence.

However, your team can only do so much to help you. At some point, you must put forth the necessary self-discipline to see your skills improve. Self-discipline isn’t a trait everyone automatically possesses; studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help you develop it.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu embraces self-discipline, which takes many forms. Brazilian jiu-jitsu represents a higher level of empowered self-discipline. Going to the gym regularly and to the BJJ school to train shows discipline and determination.

While Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and not a form of pop psychology, its realistic nature does require practitioners to control their emotions. Learning to control your feelings lets you stay focused on the mat and off the mat. This article will list the advantages of studying BJJ and how it can help you develop and sharpen self-discipline.


It Helps You Overcome Fear

Fear takes many forms and can be contagious. Brazilian jiu-jitsu can serve as a means of conquering fear.

New students might worry about losing their rolling sessions at a BJJ gym. Honestly, even seasoned practitioners feel this way. Those who think they are getting too old to continue learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu also have reason to fear losing their ability. You can overcome these hurdles if you train correctly.


It Helps You Master the Art of Patience

Becoming an expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, like acquiring anything of value, takes time. A person must put in the necessary time and effort to attain either a high level of skill or the rank of instructor.

Besides putting in the effort to build up your ability, you must master the lost art of patience. It helps you off the mat and out of stressful situations. BJJ-derived patience enables you to think more rationally and control strong emotions such as rage. Being able to manage strong emotions is essential in high-stakes cases.

Patience is an incredibly high valuable life skill to develop, so embrace any art that helps you cultivate it.


It Sets You up to Become Fit for Life

Like other martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a physically rigorous pursuit. Years of regular training are required to become proficient. To maintain good performance, BJJ practitioners need to look at their physical fitness outside the gym. Cross-training, eating a balanced diet, and getting adequate sleep and hydration can help you improve your performance.

You can’t do well if you aren’t fit enough to perform well. If you feel your performance suffers due to insufficient conditioning, you should spend more time exercising and doing cardio workouts. This then helps you have an improved overall health and well-being.



Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not the only vehicle for developing self-discipline, but it can give you the advantages you need in life. Whether you want to improve your discipline or just interested in trying something new, Brazilian jiu-jitsu might be the martial art for you.

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