The Greco Family

“Our two children love Pride Martial Arts. Both of my girls were very shy, but since they started taking classes their confidence has taken off!”

The Jain Family

“Our son’s love Pride Martial Arts. Not only are they learning self-defense, but they are also learning valuable life lessons and character development skills!”

The Hess Family

“We signed up our three kids recently to Pride Martial Arts and have never before been so impressed with the business and the instructors. With just a few classes we have noticed a huge difference in our children’s behavior and respect. We got so much more than what we expected from this academy!”

Maddie Davison

“Since joining Pride Martial Arts Academy, my confidence has sky-rocketed! As a young female martial artist, it has taught me valuable self-defense skills in the event of a real life scenario. With Pride Martial Arts training, I know I can protect myself and feel confident going off to college.”

Dan Wrobel

“Pride Martial Arts Academy has not only made me a better athlete, but it has provided a positive outlet for competition, all while training to become a better individual and instilling valuable life lessons!”

Kris Davison

“Pride Martial Arts Academy has allowed me to train with both of my children, while getting into the best shape of my life. I have lost nearly 40 pounds and enjoy the challenging and exciting classes that the academy has to offer!”

We Are A Black Belt School

We focus on instilling the black belt champion’s attitude, behavior, and character development.