Martial arts training is a lifelong journey. There are many factors that could affect rour performance as a martial artist, and these are what you should be mindful of. Without further ado, here are some ideas to help you enhance your training and dramatically improve your skills.


Write Down Notes

Indeed, it’s amazing how much stuff we forget in class! Being in a pond with fish does not guarantee that you will catch them. Reaching out and capturing them is required for true development.

You’ve put yourself in an environment full of new and exciting information; thus, keep track of what you learn in class and from your classmates. After all, the things you were taught at the start of your martial arts adventure will most likely continue to influence your progress for decades. As such, don’t let these thoughts slip away!


Record Your Sessions

One way you can improve your training is by using recorded videos of your sessions.

Some martial arts schools incorporate mirrors in their training areas so that students can see their progress in real-time and teachers don’t have to face the class every time they perform a move.

Some martial arts studios do not have mirrors so that trainees can focus on themselves. The instructor prefers that students focus on how their motions feel rather than how they appear.

Well, there is a third alternative for home training. Taking a video of your sessions allows you to track your progress even on the move.

Record yourself doing exercises on your smartphone. Use the camera to “teach” an audience your technique or form. These previous recordings reflect your development and are useful when intrinsic motivation wanes.


Ask Away

Even as children, we learn by asking questions and seeking answers. Human beings are, after all, curious creatures who dissect responses and make sure of facts and information.

As we grow older, we lose our sense of awe. We’d seem ridiculous if we demanded more explanations. The case, however, is not the same for martial arts.

When provided with a method or idea, think about it and come up with a solution. Follow up with a senior classmate or your teacher, whether or not you have an answer. They may be able to validate or improve your theory.

Questions benefit both teachers and pupils. It can aid in the retention or acquisition of new information.

It is best to be a teacher who asks unanswerable questions rather than one who offers unquestionable solutions.


Make the Most Out of Home Training

To become an expert in martial arts, you do not need to take classes in the same way most people believe. You can train and practice at home. This is a great option for those who have the space in their house, for those who are busy to travel to the studio, or for those who are more comfortable having one-on-one sessions in private.

A class session’s primary goal is to give you the information and atmosphere required for your development. A teacher may demonstrate how to practice a technique, and a partner may provide feedback, but in order to effectively integrate the information, you must participate in physical repetitions and mental contemplation outside of class. The great news is that this can all be done at home.



With all these ideas in mind, it’s about time you apply them as your best practices. You will soon also discover that if you are consistent, even the smallest acts can offer great rewards. As you become a great martial artist, best believe it came from your discipline and determination.

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