People invest in fitness for different reasons. Others see it as a way to get a good body, while others do it as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, it remains an excellent choice for many people since there are many ways to be fit.

One suitable method to stay fit is to do martial arts training. Many martial arts training programs are offered, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most popular and sought-out training programs. The training for Brazilian jiu-jitsu is grueling yet very satisfying and rewarding at the same time.

What exactly can you gain from training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu? In this article, we’ll discuss everything in further detail. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – It’s a Very Intense Workout

When a person starts their fitness journey, they usually want to shed excess fat while building strength and endurance. Workout routines can do this, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu dials it up to 11.

Before you get started on the actual Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, your coach will begin with a pretty intense warm-up lesson. This is crucial because it gets your body going for the hardcore lessons that will follow.

#2 – It Allows You to Learn Self Defense

It’s no secret that trouble can get to you at any given moment, so it’s good to be prepared. You don’t want to be backed into a corner by a person with bad intentions, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu helps in this regard.

The martial art is world-renowned for the simple fact that it gives you self-defense abilities. In addition to that, nothing is required of you since Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s goal is to use an adversary’s weight against them to bring them down.

#3 – It Trains Your Mind and Body

Body coordination is a fundamental part of fitness, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu offers just that. Training in jiu-jitsu keeps your brain active because you need to adapt to the new skills you’re constantly learning.

Unlike other martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu requires you to combine techniques for higher chances of bringing an opponent down. Because of this, your ability to improvise and adapt is constantly being trained.

#4 – It’s an Upgrade from a Regular Gym

Exercising in a gym can be pretty awkward, especially if you’re the insecure type. People are immersed in their fitness worlds, eye contact is avoided, there’s little to no social interactions, the list goes on.

In a gym for Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes, all those go away because a sense of community is immediately established. Communication is necessary, especially since sparring sessions between participants are commonplace.

#5 – It’s a Great Stress Reliever

Like any other physical activity, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an excellent way to relieve stress. Apart from reducing your stress hormones during the training, it also gives you better mental clarity that lets you see things differently.

#6 – It Boosts Your Confidence

When you’re trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it builds confidence because you know that you can take on potential threats that will come your way. As long as you’re well-equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills of martial art, then you have what it takes to be successful.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu offers all of these benefits, but the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. It’s important to enjoy yourself so that you won’t forget why you took the training in the first place, and you’re also likely to succeed.

Pride Martial Arts Academy conducts jiu-jitsu classes in Clarence. Everyone deserves a chance to grow by learning new skills, and jiu-jitsu might just be the one for you. Contact us today to learn more!