As you start a sport, one of the questions you ask is whether you are too old to train or compete with people younger than you. When you are young, the question doesn’t come up. As an adult, however, it rears its head and prevents you from continuing in the sport, especially in your twenties and thirties.

The fact is that there is no set age limit to start training in MMA. This multi-disciplinary sport is a great opportunity for people of all ages. The physical and health benefits alone are enough to make it a worthwhile hobby, but there are also other advantages.

Regardless of how old one is, there are solid reasons why you should start doing MMA; if you are older, it will help to condition your body and mind. You will feel better, in better condition, and younger. It’s never too late, and here are reasons that support this:

  • A second chance at youth: This one is more for our older readers as MMA’s physical and health benefits will undoubtedly make your body feel revitalized. The mere fact that you can endure and win a fight against someone younger is a boost so strong it’ll take off ten years of your actual age!
  • New knowledge: MMA is not just punching, kicking, and holds; it is a very complex martial art where strategy usually plays a much bigger role in winning than just pure brute strength. Learning new tactics, approaches, and fighting styles don’t just increase your knowledge. It also sharpens your mind as the adrenaline of a fight demands a quick response.
  • Personal development: our life is always moving forward, and there are many things that we are yet to experience until we experience them ourselves. Each new session or match is special and enables you to develop yourself as a human being holistically. Since MMA has a lot of different aspects and approaches, learning (about) them will certainly enable you to grow as a person.
  • Self-defense: People who take on MMA while learning to attack must also know how to defend themselves. Although it is best to avoid confrontations when possible, life sometimes doesn’t allow you to do so. Knowledge of self-defense is better than ignorance.
  • Socialization: Although MMA is an individual sport, training sessions, going to the gym, and sparring sessions all require close social contact with others and can, perhaps, lead to forming a strong friendship or relationship with someone. Just remember how Rocky Balboa, the main character of Stallone’s cult franchise, had a close relationship with his coach.
  • Training: Every training session is like a small school with loads of lessons to learn. You can learn how to use your body like never before by learning how to fight in a cage.

Since MMA requires a lot of self-discipline, the sport teaches fighters to control themselves. You do not fight to kill someone; you fight to win, and there are certain limits you’ll have to adhere to to be a good fighter.


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