Nowadays, wherever you look, women now have a strong and consistent presence. One of the spaces where women weren’t ordinarily welcome or particularly inclined to be in was kickboxing classes.

For a long time, there were a lot of sports and activities that might not have been appealing for women, whether it was because of the common misconception that women didn’t belong in contact sports or because they didn’t feel welcome, today that’s not the case anymore.

Although there has been a lot of progress in how society and women look at kickboxing, some misconceptions still stick around today. This article will discuss women in kickboxing and debunk some of the most common misconceptions about them.


1. Women Who Do Kickboxing Have Bulky Figures

For a long time, this misconception has plagued not just the sport of kickboxing but the fitness industry as a whole. Society has always tried to dictate the way a woman’s body should be.

One of the most long-standing insults that women have been conditioned to believe is that “too much muscle” is ugly. According to that, no matter what skills you possess, it is only secondary to how you look.

Women everywhere have always had to be conscious about their bodies. They have to carefully toe the line between just fit enough, not too skinny, and not at all buff. However, the truth about this belief is that it takes a lot of time, effort, and intention to build muscle. Even women that aim to bulk up still have a hard time doing it.

While you don’t need to demand the impossible of your body, all you need to know is that simply training in kickboxing classes will not make you “bulky” at all.


2. Women Only Kickbox Out of Fear

Initially, one of the most appealing aspects of kickboxing classes was learning self-defense. The world is different for women and knowing how to defend yourself is one way to keep your peace of mind.

The truth is that most women today explore kickboxing and other sports to get stronger. It may just be for themselves, to make their everyday life easier, or protection. It never comes down to just one thing.

Plenty of the other women you will meet at the academy are either hobbyists, pros, or somewhere in between. Each and every one of them has their own reasons for pursuing kickboxing. It’s one of the most empowering sports, so it’s not hard to guess why people are interested in it. Who knows, they might even be there just for the rush.


3. Women Who Do Kickboxing are Scary

As mentioned above, you will meet so many different people when you take kickboxing classes. There’s no way to predict what each of them is like as a person. For the most part, people won’t even know to “be scared” of you because of your skills if you don’t tell them you know kickboxing.

While it’s true that there are some truly powerful and intimidating personalities in the world of kickboxing, it’s not a trait that applies to everyone.

You could watch someone have the fiercest sparring match ever, and yet when you talk to them, they turn out to be softies. Kickboxing is for every woman. As long as you’re interested and willing to learn, you will fit right in.



Most of these misconceptions exist to either intimidate women or scare them away from kickboxing. Most sports and fitness spaces can still be uncomfortable and unwelcoming for women. Whether it comes from the way they’re underestimated or discriminated against, women must still navigate these spaces carefully.

The way kickboxing is practiced and taught provides a much more pleasant environment for women. In this day and age, there’s nothing that can truly kick women out of this sport!

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